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If you line up 12 Paulas, does the Thankspocalypse happen?

If you line up 12 Paulas, does the Thankspocalypse happen?

-Lots of re-digesting in preparation for The A.V. Club‘s national best-of-music list and A.V. Club Madison local year-end music roundup.

-Amon Amarth, Versus The World: Recently re-issued by Metal Blade. “Death In Fire” is one of my favorite metal-album opening tracks.

-Kylesa, Static Tensions: Glad that I had a proper home-stereo sit-down with this one. I knew I’d basically love it when I heard the band’s two drummers converging on me from different sides of the room.

-BK-One, RĂ¡dio Do Canibal: Latin-inspired beats and playful guest verses from Rhymesayers and elsewhere.

-Paranormal Activity: Wow, that demon attack couldn’t have happened to a more tedious couple! Actually, it is very creepy.

-Paul F. Tompkins, Freak Wharf: I was there for one of the CD-recording shows, so I’m disappointed that it leaves out this one great bit (about New Yorkers who go out of town, only to constantly brag about what they could be doing back in “NEW YAAAWK!”). Still, almost as awesome as being there.

-The Wire, ongoing. First time I’ve ever heard the phrase “Throw a fuck into her.” Sounds festive, no? Is that some kind of Baltimore thing?

-Brother Ali, Barrymore Theatre, Nov. 19: Awesome, of course.

-Rust Belt Sermon, High Noon Saloon, Nov. 18: Sweet local post-hardcore band.

And other stuff I’ll deal with once I’ve written about it for AVC.

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