Morbid-to-silly edition

Weekly Digestion

-Roger Daltrey, live in Orlando, 11/25: I think Daltrey and I have almost the same taste in under-appreciated Who songs. Daltrey and band mixed neglected classics like “Naked Eye,” “Pictures Of Lilly” with some of his solo work and covers.

-The Books, live in Madison, 11/30: A great, completely strange Madison show that people actually came out for. Plenty of new stuff in this set from the album they’re planning to put out next year.

-Current season of Dexter to tide me over during a week of Wire deprivation. I think it ends there, though John Lithgow’s amazing in this.

-In Cold Blood by Truman Capote. Finally got around to re-reading this. My favorite part is a two-page passage cleverly bookended with a pair of cats who go around eating dead birds from car grilles.

-CunninLynguists, Strange Journey Vol. 2: A generous mixtape-bucket, and further evidence that humanity is retarded for not making these guys a bigger deal.

-Black Sabbath, Vol. 4: Yeah, after a couple years of being more and more curious about metal, I (duh) decide to learn more about Black Sabbath than the handful of songs I know. I didn’t realize how sparse it would sound compared to most of the metal I’ve checked out recently. Love “Snowblind,” “Supernaut,” and “Wheels Of Confusion,” but the fact that “Changes” somehow got recorded is just wrong… perhaps evil?

-Disguised As Birds, New Demons: EP from a good Milwaukee post-punk band. They don’t abruptly go between quiet and loud so much as explore the tense, creepy degrees in between.

-The Red Chord, Fed Through The Teeth Machine: Plenty of grinding metalcore blur, and I like that. Plenty of weird melodic breaks, and I like that too.

-An Education at the beautiful Tampa Theatre. This may convince me to read more Nick Hornby, finally.

-Paul Blart: Mall Cop: My little brother insisted that we all watch this together while I was home for Thanksgiving. And for some reason I live-Tweeted it (scoll down a ways). What baffles me is that I ended up with more followers after that little stunt.

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  1. Тамара says:

    Кажется, это подойдет.

  2. Нормально, можно cделать маленький сборник.

  3. Всем Доброго утра! Вот это меня улыбнуло!!!!

  4. Костя says:

    Попробую, попозже отпишусь.

  5. Интересно, я попробую.

  6. Mike says:

    Хорошая масль, вообще молодцы!

  7. Последний абзац в тему!

  8. SeerCedge says:

    Интересно написано….но многое остается непонятнымb

  9. Отличный сайт! ен6

  10. Offetrybere says:

    Интересная статья, но не все понял. 4р

  11. assurffluix says:

    Давно думал на эту тему, а тут можно подробнее изучить 7а

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  13. kniggexiA says:

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  14. swekAdveste says:

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  15. HodeCrome says:

    Буду с нетерпением ждать следующую статью 8л

  16. Интересно пишете, мне понравилось 7в

  17. Dramssali says:

    Очень интересная статья, жду продолжения 6а

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  22. Idottophype says:

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  24. Inansioni says:

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