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James Blackshaw, The Glass Bead Game: My new favorite record for ignoring the world to. Along with Helen Money’s album, it’s one I’m kicking myself for not hearing last year. D’oh!

Hanah Jon Taylor Artet, HyrPlasis: Hanah is a sax and flute player who lives here in Madison but for very specific reasons does not like to be called a “local musician.” Hanah and the “Artet” improvise around themes that range from Latin music to Middle Eastern scales to, well, what sounds like “jazz” to my uneducated ears, though he dislikes that term as well. I enjoyed the album, but one of the coolest parts of my week was getting to sit down and talk with him a couple of times. Some people just have this way of making conversation a hospitable, long-form thing. It’s nice for an interview to feel like a real conversation instead of just a couple of people swapping quips and anecdotes and occasionally pulling teeth.

Dosh, Tommy: Out in April, and might be the best Dosh thing I’ve heard yet. He’s playing Feb. 20 at the High Noon here in Madison. I have an interview running ahead of that, so I listened to this a bit (but didn’t get ahold of it until after talking to Dosh, which was frustrating). He has been a favorite of mine since I heard The Lost Take. I’ve been wanting to hear what else he could do that wasn’t very much like The Lost Take, and this album has many answers to that.

Wings Of Desire: “Is that Columbo?”

Mountains, Tape, and Spires That In The Sunset Rise, Project Lodge, Jan. 31: Spires are probably the weirdest local band that I genuinely enjoy.

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