Puttin’ on the Ritz


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  2. Scott says:

    Ahem, that is a rapidly spinning cane.

  3. N. A. Sydnor says:

    Let’s see….I think it was the Christmas of 1992 when I first got the Genesis (when it came with Sonic 1 as a bonus pack deal). Let me tell you…this game brings back memories. The gorgeous level designs, the many diabotical machines from Dr. Robotnik (and to think Labyrinth Zone was the only one where you had to keep from being crushed from the bottom as he just moved up towards the top! Pretty clever.), and the MUSIC! Once I found out about the level code, I would spend hours in the Sound Test area just listening to the music. And I loved the special stages (actually when it was easy to get to just by collecting rings and before it went 3-D). Even though I didn’t understand what happened at the end of the game after getting the emeralds (new flowers grow in Green Hill….ok?), I guess that was a way of showing peace was restored, though I wish there was more.
    Sega should get into the act of what Nintendo is doing now, re-releasing popular games for the GBA. All of the old Sonic games need a re-vamp. I’d love to play Sonic 1 on the Advance. But we’ll see. Along with Mario and Mega Man, Sonic proved how fun the world was when it was in 2-D.
    Long live the original Sonic the Hedgehog.

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