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Three locales

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Brah-rillas in the mist

The pool is a redneck-voice string quartet. The grumbling overlaps and shouted crescendos of beer- and sun-thickened male voices. Dynamics, people. It’s exquisite. And amid the greater life-force of symphonic harmony, a few melodic phrases, if you will, make themselves … Continue reading

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Sprawlway Serenade

People are crossing a super-wide road in the middle of speeding traffic. “Those people are doing a shitty job of crossing the street.” A man is standing in a left-turn lane. “That guy is standing in the left-turn lane.” A … Continue reading

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For To Cross

Is the walking dude part of the sentence? Or is the City of Tampa preserving the important folkway of the “for to [verb]” construction?

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Food saves, and ODB died for our sins

The Tampa metro area is the second-most-dangerous in the U.S. for pedestrians, says a 2011 study by Transportation for America. Orlando takes first. Is the home-state pride clogging your pores yet, or is that just our much-coveted humidity? I’ve been … Continue reading

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